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Do you need honest pragmatic advice from the experts to improve your catering, cleaning or FM Service?

Do you need to raise your standards and lower your costs? Put simply, if you want more from your catering,cleaning or fm department or service provider, we can help you achieve your goals.

We can help you with:

  • Best Value Reviews
  • Tendering
  • Contract Monitoring
  • Contract Renegotiation
  • Purchasing Audit & Monitoring
  • In House Support

Your first consultation with us, either by telephone or site visit is complimentary. When we work for you, our charges are fixed in advance for each assignment and include all expenses.

Do you need honest, expert advice in plain English to improve your catering, cleaning or fm business? Then please contact us today to arrange a free initial consultation.

Why choose RM&C Consultants Ltd?


We understand the contracting market – we know what can be achieved and how much it should cost. We have over 100 years experience within the contracting industry and we have helped hundreds of organisations, just like yours.


We are completely independent, so we will give you impartial, honest advice. We deliver pragmatic advice and practical solutions to reduce your deficit. Using a very logical approach, all our recommendations are based upon benchmarked facts.

Plain English

All the reports and documents you will receive will be clear and unambiguous.

Value For Money

Our fees are based upon the amount of time we believe we need to deliver the right solution for you. The price is fixed and subject to your complete satisfaction. We guarantee you will be able to recover our cost and more through making your service (s) more cost effective. RM&C believe the right solution for you should be the best value for money not necessarily the cheapest price.